The Ultimate Home Buyer Experience Foundation

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The foundation of the Ultimate Home Buyer Experience is one of the most important lessons you’ll learn.  In this portion of the course, we’re laying out all the financial-related information you’ll need to know before you even begin your home buying search.

If you’re uncertain whether homeownership is even in your future, this foundation will take you from unsure to confident as we work our way through a few key topics.  We’ll discuss important subjects such as:

  • The 3 Numbers That Matter Most In Determining How Much Money You Can Be Preapproved For—Credit Score, Down Payment, and Debt To Income Ratio
  • Budgeting
  • Why You’re Buying A Home Now
  • Required Documents To Secure Your Mortgage

This foundation will give you the knowledge base that’s required to buy a house the right way.  So get started with this lesson, and we’ll see you on the other side!