I want to buy a home

Congratulations on taking an excellent first step to set yourself up for success. Buying a home is a serious investment and financial education is the absolute best way to enter into home ownership.

Because knowledge is power in mortgage & real estate, I want to provide you with the most helpful information to assist you in the home buying process.

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Starting any new endeavor can be scary. The mission with this course is to help alleviate home buyers fears by providing education & tools needed to be successful in the game of mortgage & real estate.

Upon Completion of the course: You’ll join the hundreds of graduates that got the keys to a new home.

A little bit of education can really go a long way to growing your Net Worth & securing your financial future.

Benefits of completing the course:

Upon completion, you’ll know the proven strategies to…

  • buy a home for less than it’s worth
  • how to save $36,000 on your mortgage
  • learn how past clients beat out cash buyers & you can too
  • & how to get your offer accepted, even if it isn’t the highest on the table!
  • become an educated home owner!!

The Ultimate Home Buyer Experience Syllabus

Video playlists below…

Module 1:


Did you know close to 30% of home purchase contracts get cancelled because the buyers cannot get a loan? BUT not yours!!

Each and every home buyer asks the same questions. This section is designed to help you feel very confident in your ability to buy a home. Topics include:

  • The 3 #’s that determine how much mortgage loan you can be approved for.
  • What is a FICO Credit score?
  • How to calculate your equity & determine loan to value.
  • What is a good debt to income ratio?
  • Interest Rates & what you need to know about them.
  • What is Mortgage insurance?
  • The documents required for a mortgage loan.
  • Types of Home Loans; 2 Main Types.
  • & more…

Module 2:


Now that you have the right baseline knowledge it’s time to take action. In this section, you become a home buying Rockstar…you’ll learn about:

  • Preapproval vs Prequalification; What is the difference
  • Competition Crusher; Get a good deal on a house & close FAST
  • The Buyers Triangle; 3 main things to consider as a buyer
  • Reasons To Buy A House; It’s not financial!!
  • Looking for Properties; What to look for when buying a house
  • Making an Offer; How much to offer on a house below asking price

Module 3:

Home Stretch

You’re under contract—congratulations! NOW WHAT???

Shopping for homes and finding your property was the fun part, but now we have to take it all the way to closing. Most sales contracts are about 30 -45 days. Here we break down each week so that you know exactly what you need to do.

We discuss; earnest $$, inspections, appraisals, homeowners insurance, esigning & more