Rate Protect – Buyers Are Safe From Rising Interest Rates

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Mortgage Rates are up.  No wait, mortgage rates are down.  No wait – they’re up!  Act fast.  Blah Blah Blah.

We say who cares!  You can now protect yourself during the home buying process from rising interest rates.

Watch the video intro to this blog and get a idea of how to protect your hard earned money when it comes to buying a home.

Rate Protect – Home Buyers Are Safe From Rising Interest Rates

Want to buy a new home, but concerned about rising mortgage interest rates? Are you worried about selling your current home before buying a new one?

Home Buyer EXCLUSIVE….you can lock in your mortgage rate BEFORE you find your new home!

Let’s crunch some numbers from a real life client example:

Checkout this case study video here

Client saved: & you can too!

$130 per month

$1560 per year

$46,800 in 30 years

Checkout this case study video here

Rate Protect – Current Mortgage Rates. Here’s how you can benefit from Rate Protect:

Save Money – If you are on a tight budget, locking in your rate early avoids a potential increase in rate and a larger monthly payment.

Home Search – Finding your perfect home may take longer than anticipated. Rate Protect allows you to shop with confidence knowing your rate is locked in.

Stronger Offer – Today’s housing market has very limited inventory. An offer backed by Rate Protect shows the seller you are a serious buyer and sets you apart from everyone else.

Rate Protect – Buyers Are safe From Rising Interest Rates. Like what you see?  Reach out and we can set you on the path to saving big money on your home purchase.