Welcome to “The ULTIMATE Home Buyer Experience”

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Welcome to “The ULTIMATE Home Buyer Experience”

I congratulate you on taking an excellent first step to set yourself up for success. Buying a home is a serious investment and education is the absolute best way to enter into home ownership.

Because I believe in the power knowledge plays in the real estate market, I want to provide you with some helpful information to assist you in the home buying process.  

QUICK NOTE: Preparation at this stage in the game, will make your life oh so sweet down the road. You can see an overview of what’s to come below…Step 1-7 are vitally important that’s why I have quick links connected to those lessons.  Enjoy!

The Ultimate Home Buyer Experience Syllabus

Unit 1 – Welcome to The Ultimate Home Buyer Experience (you are here!)
Unit 2 – Determining Your Budget to Buy Your Dream Home
Unit 3 – Down Payment & Closing Costs?
Unit 4 – What Are Your Debt Obligations and Credit Score?
Unit 5 – Forget Finances For a Second, Focus on The Why
Unit 6 – Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualify
Unit 7 – What is an Express Loan Approval? Hint: it’s a Loan Commitment!

Unit 8 – Hire a Realtor and Get in the Field Looking at Homes
Unit 9 – Navigating Open Houses & The MLS
Unit 10 – The Art of the Offer & Contract Negotiation
Unit 11 – What is the Loan Manufacturing Process?
Unit 12 – What to Expect on Closing Day
Unit 13 – Homeownership Part 1
Unit 14 – Homeownership Part 2
Unit 15 – Paying Down Your Home Loan to Become Debt Free
Unit 16 – The Best of The Ultimate Home Buying Experience

Earn Points For Completing Lessons & VIP Bonuses

Most of the lessons only take a couple minutes to read the material, but others have homework and come with a point system. Get to 90 points and you may qualify for my fast action bonus. Look for points marked in emails and in the Unit themselves throughout!

FAST ACTION BONUS!!  You will get an additional savings on everything from moving boxes, moving companies, savings at retailers & much more.  My V.I.P Home Ownership Privileges Program gives  you an additional saving up to $7,500.

**Terms and conditions may apply. Subject to underwriting approval. Credit awarded only if the loan closes and funds with The Federal Savings Bank with Bob Friel as the loan officer. Loan must close and fund by the within the year that you enroll.

Let’s Get Started With Your First Resources!

Downloading Resources = 5 Points
As part of unit 1 we’ll start things off with THE UHBE ebook and a guide covering Freddie Mac’s RAW consumer data on the 7 misconceptions to homeownership.




Your Homework

Glance over the ebook provided above to get an understanding of what’s to come. Reviewing those 7 misconceptions will address many of the initial thoughts or questions you’ve had as a potential home buyer. Reviewing this eBook is important, as it will set the foundation for your upcoming homebuyer education

KEY TIP: Keep Track of All Your Materials

Throughout this process, you’ll be receiving a number of training materials. For easy access from here on out, I suggest creating a “home buying” folder in your phone, tablet or computer.

Now that you have your homework for the day, get to work and keep an eye on your inbox for your introduction and materials for Unit 2, Budget to Buy Your Dream Home!