How To Get the BEST Deal On Your New Home

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Are you tired of paying someone else’s mortgage? I get it. Seeing that money go out the door every month can get frustrating. Buying your first home doesn’t just get you out of a rental, it also helps build equity. To help explain, we are going to tell you a story.

Meet Morgan and William. They are first time homebuyers.

Entering into the homebuying process for the first time can be overwhelming and stressful. They were grateful to have us on their side guiding them through. Morgan and William went so far as to say it was a smooth experience

First, Morgan and William got express loan approved. Now check out these key highlights:

  • They bought their home with just 10 percent down
  • Avoided paying monthly mortgage insurance.
  • Morgan and William were also able to shave 56 months off of their mortgage
  • Ultimately saving them over $58,000 in interest with our help.

Their first home was even under budget! They didn’t have any issues with paperwork. No surprises arose with unexpected fees. Does this sound good? Try the ULTIMATE Home Buying Experience for yourself.

You might be curious what we mean by the ULTIMATE Home Buying Experience. Basically, I created a step by step guide to walk you through home buying. My guide helps you go into home buying informed and teaches you how to save.  Check out Haley AKA –  Your Aussie Agents Blog too!  She is a vital she is fantastic at negotiating the best contracts

Sometimes seeing a real-life example helps put things into perspective. We hope this case study showed you that you can be a first-time homebuyer and save thousands just like Morgan and William!