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Today I’ll walk you through what exactly The Express Loan Approval program entails.  Your loan file is underwritten early in the loan process. This way you can shop without the worry of loan approval.

When you find the home you want, our program allows you to provide a stronger offer and close in fewer days.

What are some of the benefits of a fully underwritten file?

Bargaining Leverage – Give Your Realtor The Best Tool Possible!  Secured Financing.
With today’s limited inventory and multiple offer situations, your offer will stand above the rest!

When you participate in my all-encompassing program, and you submit an offer to the listing agent.  I personally call and send a video email to submit with your offer for the listing agent.

You would be surprised how effectively this simple step works!

Peace of Mind
Realtors, attorneys, and the seller will know the buyer’s financing is already in place!
They can present the program with confidence to a seller’s agent and negotiate better on your behalf knowing that MY buyers are completely ready to go when submitting an offer.

Close in Fewer Days
Because the buyer’s credit, assets, and income have already been reviewed by underwriting, we only need four items to complete the file: title, appraisal, flood certification, and fully executed sales contract.

Note: If you have taken a few months to shop or you have changed jobs, updated credit, assets, and income documentation may be needed.

A couple awesome examples of a few of my many clients…

Client 1
The home was listed for $500,000 and the realtor working with my clients presented us with the comparative market analysis. The buyer’s realtor said we should submit an offer.
During my conversation with the sellers agent, I explained the dynamic of the program and loan commitment. The sellers didn’t waste any time and went to contract at $425,000, saving my clients $75,000 over the list price!

Client 2
This client beat out an all cash offer– enough said…Oh & this has happened 12 times!

Client 3
Beat out 10 other offers on the same property and got closing costs paid for by the seller.

So How Did My Clients Do It?

Secured financing through The Express Loan Approval Program was the common theme that agents on both sides of the transaction said was the most important thing a buyer could bring to the table!

An overwhelming majority of my PURCHASE clients over the last two years have utilized this exclusive express loan approval program brought to you by The Federal Savings Bank and me.

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